Tuesday, November 22, 2011

All alone in Hong Kong: not the same as lonely!

So, what have we been up to since departure of our intrepid travellers?
On Saturday, we joined a tour of Cathay Pacific City, a behind the scenes look at how the airline operates. They had a wee museum charting the company from it's origins as an import/export freight company after the Second World War. We got to sit in the business and first class sections of the mock-ups they use to train cabin crew but much to Les disappointment, we didn't get a go in a flight simulator.We did get to look into the operations centre where flight crew were logging on for duty, pilots and second officers were checking flight plans,maps and weather charts and putting them all into those pilot cases you see them carrying at airports. I've always wondered what goes in there, now I know it's not sandwiches! After an enjoyable lunch in the staff hotel, the coach brought us back over to Hong Kong island whereupon we had to take a train back to Kowloon! Sunday was a very quiet day, we had a walk to scope out Les' Monday route to work via a hotel to pick up a new associate, then a fancy coffee. All the coffee shops are bringing out "Winter warmer specials", we tried black sugar ginger latte from Pacific Coffee Company. I guess the Starbucks ones are international? I've had the toffee nut latte and the gingerbread latte, both yum, but I dont think I'd like the white chocolate cranberry mocha, may be just a tad too sweet.
Monday's talk was on pearl jewellery and was more interesting than I'd thought it would be because it focussed on the pearls rather than the jewellery. Fascinating stuff! Tuesday morning saw me over on the island to hear two presentations on Asian Personalities. We had a wonderful talk on a Welshman, Jack Edwards, who lived here and campaigned tirelessly on behalf of Hong Kong resident war widows' rights to British passports after the handover in 1997. Then we heard about a Canadian, Norman Bethune, who after a spell as a bit of a "lad" became a Communist and was a great medical innovator during the Chinese Japanese War, inventing mobile blood transfusion units and mobile hospital units in the field of battle.Of course I had my Cantonese lesson too, I am preparing for an assessment next week, yikes!
Wednesday and Thursday, Les and I will be up in Shenzhen looking at possible locations for future company expats to live. That should be interesting, but tiring, remembering our "look-see" visit here last February. Friday will be quiet, I think (I hope!)then on Saturday I've been invited to a book-signing in the morning and we are both invited to a Thanksgiving Dinner at the home of an American (doh! obviously!)friend in the evening.
Another busy week in the life of a trailing spouse!

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  1. Hi Joyce, you have been busy since we left. It is wonderful to read your blog and be able to picture you, feet propped up writing. I can taste that gingerbread latte, must try to visit a Starbucks here to see if it is comparable!!
    I have spent this week joyfully revisiting Hong Kong and our adventures with everyone who asks, "How was your trip?" If tourist income does not increase it won't be my fault!!
    Gordon made 'Thai roast chicken with sesame noodles and pak choi' and I proved that the chopstick photos we took were not just a one meal wonder.
    Hope everything goes well in Shenzhen.
    Take care of yourselves. Love Jean x