Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year

So we arrived back in Hong Kong late on Friday 30th, and at the airport I met friend returning from her holidays .Quick cuppa and bed. Saturday shopping, then a wee kip so we could stay up for midnight. We went out for a late dinner, fantastic!We had kangaroo with wattle seed dressing, I had lamb fillet and Les chose grouper with Sydney cockles then we had 2 kinds of ice cream and peanut brittle crisps. Were we back in Oz? No, up Knutsford Steps where you can eat any kind of cuisine under the sun. Or moon.We joined the throngs as they headed for the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront for the countdown. Everyone was happy, no drunks, no fighting. The nearest was when we saw 2 boys tossing around plastic bottles of green tea. We came back to the flat for champagne and watched the spectacular fireworks show from our living room. On NYD, we watched a wonderful lion and dragon street parade, had home made steak pie for dinner (what else would one expect? It was New Years Day after all) and an early night. Monday was still a holiday for Les, so we headed for the Museum of Coastal defence which was extremely interesting. On the way back, I met a friend on the MTR then we walked to a really old pub for a pint and guess what, I met another friend! Les is well jealous as he usually meets people in airports the world over! Mind you, as he said, if he spent most days in coffee shops and restaurants, he'd know a fair few folks as well.
On Tuesday, Les was still on holiday,much to my surprise, I'd had him off to China on the Monday! We took a ferry to Peng Chau and wandered about in the sunshine, saw some temples, had a picnic lunch and returned home for a pint at our local, Lulus, to "hing the fair" as they say. Somewhere.

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