Sunday, June 3, 2012

Here I am!

I hadn't realised that it had been almost three weeks since my last post. What's very flattering is that some of my readers did notice! So I'm back. I've had a very interesting time in between posts. Let me see... I won a raffle! Yes, I won the lucky ticket draw at our very posh afternoon tea and got $500 M&S vouchers. Since we all looked so pretty in our tea dresses, I suggested some of us go on for cocktails at a top class hotel. It was expensive, but hey, we're worth it. I've also attended a Book Group, a film about the handover of HK to China, saw "Best exotic Marigold Hotel" What a cast! These women are fabulous, and not a trace of botox or surgeon's knife to be seen. Their faces have so much character. If you haven't seen it, I'm talking Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Celie Imrie et al. Go! After the cinema, a friend and I went for a few drinks as both our husbands were out of town. It is a pleasant experience to walk home in the balmy air at 11.30 with no fear of anything scary happening.
I spent an interesting morning in Kowloon City where there are lots of Thai shops selling unusual vegetables and fabby take away lunches; home made curry in a plastic bag like a goldfish at a fairground. Afterwards, our hostess provided a wonderful Thai lunch and what with the walking, the food and the wine, I didn't get back until 4pm. Just time for a quick nap and shower then I went to meet friends for dinner. I only managed a salad.
I went up to China for the weekend as Les was incarcerated there for two weeks whilst they checked out his work and residency permits. (That's a year we've been here! )We went to revisit some of the spots we saw last November when we did the fact finding trip for Les' company. We found a butcher shop selling all sorts of UK pies and cheeses and bought some black pudding! We also spent a day shopping and each bought two pairs of shoes. Unfortunately despite best advice and my own prior knowledge, I wore mine for a whole day and my feet were torn to shreds. But when they heal, I just know they will be the most comfortable shoes imagineable!
I went from Shenzhen to the HK airport on Monday to meet a friend who was passing through HK enroute from Vietnam to New York. We spent 3 days and had a wonderful time together. She is an ace photographer, has had an exhibition, so I can't  wait to see her photos. She took over 1,000 during her ten days away. I was intrigued by her subject matter here in HK; also how she would notice something, then get down close to it, or take the picture through a window or doorway opening,etc.
Last Thursday I nipped up to China  just for dinner!On Friday Les got home and we lazed around on Saturday then went out to Lamma Island on Sunday before watching the Queen's Jubilee River Pageant live on TV at night. I saw the wee harbourmaster vessel from Eyemouth! The Biscoe Kid looked great, freshly painted in bright red and was fairly skelping along the Thames.
This coming week looks to be just as busy as the last two. As we approach the summer break, a lot of people go back to their home country so right now there seems to be a flurry of activity; boat trips, art exhibitions, coffee mornings...So I better get my skates on or I'll be late for this morning's lecture, which is on "sounds, crystals, mantras and scarves" Hmm. Will report back afterwards!

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