Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Spring is in the air

Last week, the weather was glorious;warm and sunny with a slight fresh breeze. It was good to go out without a jacket although everyone here carries a scarf shawl or pashmina, just in case! I met with some friends to go to the Andy Warhol exhibition and then we had a drink in the outdoor museum cafe, sittng in the sun until it went down over the harbour, just lovely.We've also held a Burns Supper for our "drouthy neebours" which went down well. Haggis travels well when vacuum packed.
I have attended a book group, a meeting with three writers and another meeting to plan our visits to the school where we participate in the English language programme. I am doing two sessions this term I have no time for more as we are preparing for four months of travel and visitors. It is so exciting! In just a couple of weeks we will be in Cebu then shortly after we have Janie and Peter coming for their second attempt, fingers crossed no one gets ill this time.Next up, three more of my Sisterhood pals will land in April for a week, then we go to Melbourne for ten days, back just in time to prepare for Mabel and Julie's visit at the end of April/ beginning of May.
Meantime, we are starting to get out and about at weekends again, so look out for some picture posts soon.

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