Saturday, April 16, 2011

Back after the break

I haven't havered in a while because I've been on holiday in preparation for my permanent holiday! A week in Eyemouth and a week in Bristol gave me lots of time to get used to my new Kindle. So far I've read Mayor of Casterbridge for free, and bought the Orange prize shorlist.I've already read Room and the Tiger's Wife and I'm enjoying Great House. Jury's still out on The Tiger's wife, I'll rate it when I've read the others. I'll just download the free samples of the rest of the long list to see what it missed out on.That's a great feature on Kindle!
Update on the move; the packers have done the survey and will be here on Wednesday 20th to take our wordly goods away over the seas. We have cultural training on Thurday and Friday and Les has all his farewell dinners this week.We still don't have an address in Hong Kong but as soon as we get the visas, hopefully in time for our arranged flights on 27th, we'll get somewhere to stay sorted out. All sounds a bit vague I know but I just have to leave it in the hands of the experts. It's good for me to realise I can't control everything!

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