Monday, April 25, 2011

Empty wardrobe

The Packers have been and gone, our goods are now en route to a storage facility somewhere in Hong Kong. It's that same thing I had when we went to South Africa...even though I know everything has gone, it is still a shock to open a door and find no clothes there! All my books have gone away too, so I am relying heavily on my Kindle. One problem; it's just too easy to buy books! One flick of my right thumb and wheee! There it goes! Another book added to my list! Superb!
I've become hooked on the psychological thrillers by Sophie Hannah, they are real page turners,so for the moment I've laid aside my Orange Prize shorlist(I've got until 8 June to finish them all) in favour of Hurting Distance, Lasting Damage and A room swept white. Now that our departure has been delayed until 11 May, I'm delighted that I'll be able to catch the first televised Sophie Hannah novel, Point of Rescue, before we go.
Today is Easter Monday, Les was off work and the sun was shining so we went to Crieff for lunch. The drive up was through beautiful spring countryside; rolling hills, green green grass, tiny lambs, sparkling rivers and the air was so fresh. That's the kind of outing I'll miss when we (finally) get to Hong Kong.

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