Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Culture Vulture

What? I hear you exclaim! Oor Joycie? Aye, well am ur a cultyur vultyur.Read on!
The weekend was lovely,we went as I said to an island but just for coffee as by the time we had done the weekly shopping...So where's the culture? Well, on Sunday we went to an architecture exhibition in the local park. We didn't just stumble on it, we went on purpose to see it. It was amazing. There was this exhibit of a bamboo bowl filled with porcelain rice bowls, representing the city as a bowl and everyone's home as a wee bowl within it. And the wee bowls had tiny wee people cast inside of them. It was exquisite. I had no camera.On Monday I attended a talk on art investment; what to do with a spare £100,000 (minimum investment ) that you need to salt away for 5 years. If only! Then I went to NIA, my exercise/yoga class. On Tuesday I attended Study Group to hear a talk on Chinese furniture and one on apsaras which are artistic representations of nymphs in Buddhist art. It was really interesting.Wednesday I spent doing my Cantonese homework for my afternoon lesson and writing my presentation for next week's study group, when I will talk about Paisley Shawls. At night I went to Poetry Club and read 2 poems, one Robert Burns and one my own (Mary's Man for those who know). Thursday, I'm away for a two hour hike near the coast and then to Temple street at night. Saturday is the lunchtime cruise I told you about earlier and on Sunday I'm going to the opera, to see Mozart's Cosi Fan Tutti. So thats a week of culture if ever I saw one!

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