Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What's a haver?

Well, here I am in the clubhouse, all ready to load photos...and it won't let me! I am getting a load of warnings all in Chinese but I'm guessing its saying cannot open the USB stick. So you'll all have to wait until next week when our internet is finally connected, sorry!
Anyway a couple of people who are not Scottish have asked me what the blog title means. So apologies to the Scots; here goes. To haver is to talk nonsense. You can talk a lot of havers, you could be havering to someone, often in an argument one will tell the other to stop havering, etc etc. Oh, and its pronounced hayverz. Okay?
We are in the midst of a bout of stormy weather, typhoon signal number 3 has been hoisted. I don't know where or what is actuallly hoisted, as presumably it would soon blow down, but that's what the official term is. Last week we had signal 1. It seems to progress 1 then 3 then 8 then disaster! It actually isn't that bad, it is certainly a bit blowy and there is showery hot rain but nothing compared to a summer day in Bonnie Scotland, let alone winter!
I'll be back ASAP with the promised apartment photos. The chandeliers are worthy of their own blog, I promise you!

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  1. Hi Joyce, sorry I have not been in touch for a while but Mum was discharged home from hospital 2 weeks ago because there was no more progress to be made. She then had another stroke and we are now trying to make her comfortable. We are getting plenty of support from carers and the district nurses who are in daily and have provided lots of equipment and advice. I am coping, Graeme and Gordon are great. It is actually very peaceful here at the moment.
    Your photographs of "Splendid China" are super, you look like you really belong on the swing with your parasol; Les is cute too!!
    So glad you are now in a place of your own, sounds like I could do without a T.V. and just gaze at the view.
    Look after yourself. Love Jean x