Saturday, October 15, 2011

A busy week in Hong Kong

I'm writing this at 7.30 am on the most glorious morning; the sky is clear and The Peak is so visible it's like a 3D movie scene. Being up so high, we seem to be above the path of the early morning sun which cuts across from left to right giving the familiar buildings a new and strange aspect; edges highlighted from a different angle, grey columns now sparkling white. It is quite beautiful, even though it's really just a view of what are basically tenements, sky scrapers and "high flats".

The cocktail reception on Wednesday was fascinating, it was lovely to hear so many South African accents and the slides and photographic exhibition made me want to go back. During the evening I met a very interesting American woman who has lived here for eight yeas. She is very involved with the Friends of the Art Museum, one of my favourite haunts. She has invited me as her guest to a lecture and tour looking at the influence of Sun Yat-sen, a revolutionary who was a prime mover in the overthrow of the Quing Dynasty. He is revered here in HK and has a museum which we'll visit before going on for lunch.

The bedroom furniture arrived on schedule and was quickly assembled by 2 men and a boy, very efficient service. That left me Thurday evening free to go out shopping for bits and pieces and sort out the wardrobes and clear space for our forthcoming guests. Les was staying up in Mainland until Friday when we met up with a old colleague for dinner. We've known him, man and boy, for about 15 years. We once exchanged homes with him and on their trip to Scotland she bought her wedding dress, which had to be altered, so Les took it out to the US on his next trip. Just as he closed the case, he said, "Hope I don't get stopped at customs!" Now they have a little boy aged 4, so it was great to catch up. We also gave im a tour of the clubhouse, the first time we've been to the pool in the dark and it looked very inviting, all illuminated..... and empty!

Saturday, we did our routine shopping then went to make dental and check up appointments as we have changed to a new medical insurer.Then we bought 2 electric dehumidifiers as our wee plastic ones filled up rapidly and we don't want to lose any clothes to mould. Especially as my wardrobe now sports the spoils of many a foray to the end of summer sales in Scotland! In the evening we went to friends for dinner, a fabulous Thai meal for which I want all the recipes!Today, Sunday is always our "play at being a tourist" day and Les wants to go up The Peak.

Next week I have Cantonese and Poetry, an invite for English aternoon tea and one for lunch and an enforced stay at home for the delivery of the dehumidifiers.I'm away now to get my camera to load some pictues . Watch this space!

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