Sunday, October 23, 2011

Out and about in style!

I just realised I didn't fill you in on details of my weekday shenanigans. Wednesday, I had the dentist then went to tea at the home of the British Consul-General, cucumber sandwiches, scones with jam and cream, proper china cups, silver spoons with the Royal crest on, the whole works. Then three of us visited Tiffany&Co in the Peninsula Hotel to pick up my friend's daughter's wedding ring. The hotel is beautiful, my first time in there despite it being only a hundred metres away. We passed through the great central room where at 5.30 people were still working their way through afternoon tea, some with champagne on the side! The ceilings are very ornate, gilded plaster cherubs and so on. There was a little minstrels gallery where sometimes a trio plays, but not that day. Walking through with a Tiffany bag really made us feel like we were truly ladies of leisure in Hong Kong!
On Thursday four of us had a day out at a brass factory away up in the New Territories, so an adventure getting there and back. Friday I joined a small group for a private conducted tour of a Frank Gehry exhibition. I knew a little of his work before due to his Scottish connections ( he designed the Dundee Maggie's Centre in memory of his fellow Architect Charles Jencks' wife, Maggie Jencks). He has designed a residential block on The Peak which we can see from our window. It's not very tall, 12 storeys, but each storey is just 1 flat with 360 views. The building is like a column twisted in opposite directions, if you imagine holding a tube in both hands and twisting,that would be about right. The use of glass in the building is amazing, glass clad columns, etc, lots of light and space. Then it was onto lunch with an old friend, to meet three new friends. Our transport was very special; one lady has a car and driver, so we arrived in style! Friday rounded off with a gathering of 12 friends, husbands included, at a rooftop bar where Singapore slings, Key lime martinis and Death by Chocolate cocktails were downed amid great hilarity.The friend who organised it called it a Sundowner, I thought she meant a cocktail but it's her Australian term for pre dinner drinks. I told her we don't get enough sun in Scotland to have a name for that.

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  1. Glad to see you are not homesick since your visit back to Scotland!!!