Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day out in Sai Kung

Today our weekly tourist jaunt took us to Sai Kung, about an hour away via 2 trains and a wee green minibus. Sai Kung is often called the "green lung" of Kowloon and it was soon obvious why; en route, lots of garden centres and once by the seaside, a pleasant fresh breeze coming in from the east. We walked along the prom for about 2 hours, spotting lots of interesting sights along the way. Hopefully my computer will let me load more, it seems to have stopped the loading process!

One of the many quayside fishermen selling their fish and shellfish directly from the boat. Customers called down their order, he dispatched the live fish with a single chop then descaled and gutted it. Then it was put in a net on a long handled pole and passed up to the customer, who put the payment in the net.

This was one of three fab 2 metre tall sculptures of "ballerinas" in Choi Hung MTR station where we changed to a minibus for the 20 minute journey to Sai Kung. Sorry it's side ways!

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