Monday, March 19, 2012

Hot hot hot

Just a few of the stunning exhibits at the Hong Kong Flower Show

At last, the sun has got his hat on! Unfortunately today I am indoors as I am meant to be revising for a Cantonese assessment this afternoon. Instead, I've been distracting and diverting all morning. I've cleaned the bathrooms and rearranged the freezer, then cleared a wardrobe so our visitors will have space. I've been to the bin 3 times with old magazines and general clutter. But alas I have not revised.
At the weekend, we built up the bed for Callum and the travel cot for Jamie and rearranged some furniture so it all fits in. On Sunday we tried out the bus from Kowloon to Stanley. Boy does that take a long time! We thought it might be easier than changing at Admiralty for when the kids are here, but the long bus journey would not be much fun for Callum after the first fifteen minutes.Once we got there, we had a lovely walk along the prom in the sunshine, a dim sum lunch then a visit to the market... just for look.We came home with a painting and a remote controlled helicopter... The helicopter is deemed unbreakable; we'll see about that! It flew into my precious orchids, then attacked a white wall which then needed a scrub to get the black marks off. I'm seriously worried for all the chandeliers in here! Les needs a lot more practise before the boys get here!But the painting is lovely.
Yesterday I went to the Hong Kong Flower Show which was stunning. On Wednesday I am meeting my young friend Shannon to give her a small engagement gift and to catch up as we haven't seen each other in ages. Then on Thursday, I am going to a gallery exhibition for lunch and to meet the artist Rachel Hovnanian. The installations look to be very stark, white plaster, but of course I'll know more once I've been there and seen it, so more on that later. Then it will soon be Friday and David Jen Callum and Jamie will be here! At last! And as I said at the top, it is glorious weather. Hoorah!


  1. Congrats on your assignment with your family to Hong Kong. I bet it will be a wonderful experience for everybody. The flower show and the good weather sound marvelous! Hope you get to see Beijing and Shanghai, two cities we hope to see in the future.

    1. Thanks, Harvee, I've been fortunate to visit both these cities and they are stunning, each quite different to the other and also so different to Hong Kong, not to mention the small village in Central Scotland which is my "real" home!