Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dinner photography

It's a very Asian thing to take a photo of your dinner. Everytime we eat out, we see people letting their dinner get cold so they and all their friends can take pictures of each others' food. We always laugh at it, so forgive me for posting two "dinner pics" here. I think I have good reason.

First pic: I love char siu bao, which are steamed fluffy buns filled with BBQ pork. I often have them for lunch at a nearby shopping mall, served in the bamboo basket in which they were steamed. I already have a three tier bamboo steamer, so when I saw a packet in the supermarket, I couldn't resist trying them at home. They were much smaller when they went in, they fluffed up beautifully in the 5 minutes it took to steam them. The little dishes contain soy sauce and spicy red vinegar.A local friend says she never eats soy sauce, that's only for foreigners; she always has spicy red vinegar. Anyway, I had both and the buns were delicious, or ho ho sik as they say here.I thought it looked so lovely, I wanted to share it with you.

Second pic: Q: What does a diabetic with heart disease cook for dinner when left to fend for himself?
A: Eggs, beans and chips, of course. He did his own washing up but left the evidence for all to see. The case for the defence stated that  he used a non stick frying pan and oven chips, the beans were low salt and sugar and have fibre and the eggs counted as a meat free dinner. Verdict? Guilty as charged but mitigating circumstances may lead to a lower penalty.

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