Saturday, September 8, 2012


On Friday, I did not have a mani pedi. Instead, I had a swimming lesson. I swallowed a lot of water but managed to float face down for a long time, also floated on my back but I could do that before. I don't really like it (it's so wet!) but it's high time I learned properly. It is such a waste to have the use of this beautiful pool and ony wallow like a hippo in the shallows. My friend Jocelyn is a qualified swim coach and she was really calm. She explained that although I can indeed get across the pool I am using too much energy and would soon be exhausted. I need to trust the water, she says. She says I can learn, she has previously taught mentally handicapped people to swim, also a 25 stone woman. Hmm.
After that, I met another friend, Sue, for lunch. I was ravenous by that time! Sue has been in the UK for several weeks, so we sat from 1.30 till 4pm catching up, me with the wet swimsuit still in my bag!
In the evening, Les and I went on the harbour dinner cruise and we really enjoyed it. The buffet was ample and varied and it was cool to see the laser light show from the water. We sailed around the harbour for two hours. There was a live band and a dancefloor on board. Everyone seemed to have a great time. We befriended a solo Australian girl at our table, she was at the end of a 5 week European holiday.

Our building from the water
On deck during the Bauhnia dinner cruise

Saturday comprised the usual round of shopping and reading but as it rained heavily we read indoors and not by the pool.I printed off a great picture of Callum in his nursery school uniform so we went and bought a nice frame for it.
We met Lesley and Stan at their clubhouse for a lovely dinner, they are off to the US for two weeks and by the time they get back we will be heading to Singapore, so we won't see them for a while.
Sunday is very slow so far, just drinking tea and writing this while deciding what the weather will do. It is very hot but not to sunny just yet.
Tomorrow I have a talk about a charity for migrant workers then my first official class to learn mahjong. I've signed up for a four week course.On Tuesday it is the first class of the new spiritual literacy group I've joined and on Wednesday I'm going on a local heritage trip to find out about the Hungry Ghost festival. No plans for Thursday or Friday as yet, but I badly need the mani pedi, so maybe that. Next Saturday we are going on a junk trip near where I was seasick last time. But apparently it won't be so far out to sea, so should be less choppy. I hope.

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