Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mid week update

On Monday our first Corona Society club meeting of the season was just a good old natter, we didn't have a speaker. It was a great opportunity to just catch up with people who have been away all summer and also to get dates in the diary to remind us of  who is going to be out of town in the next couple of months. It's very necessary, so that the social outings may contine unabated for the people still here. For myself, I'll be gone for some of October. From 30 Sep until 6 October, we'll be in Singapore, then from 17th until 20th I'll be joining Les in Korea.

Monday evening we celebrated Les birthday and I made a low fat, low sugar fresh raspberry cheesecake, candles and all. As I was coming out of the supermarket I met Kate, who lives in our building,so we arranged to meet on Tuesday to travel to our Book Group together.It is unusual for us  to actually meet each other like that, we usually make our arrangements via facebook even though we live in the same building.

So Tuesday afternoon was Book Group, we discussed Amitav Ghosh's Sea of Poppies which was a long and complicated read, not least because of the language used; a mix of English, Indian and a now defunct seafarers lingo which when we discussed it, caused much hilarity. A great afternoon and a wonderful lunch too. The journey home was eventful, it absolutely poured with rain, the downhill path we walked on was like a river. We arrived at a very posh hotel absolutely dripping. I had to take my shoes off and let my feet dry on their fancy carpet before walking across the marble lobby to get through the hotel to the train station. I don't suppose they intend it to be used as a thoroughfare, but needs must!

Today (Wed) I went with Pat, Lynn and Loretta to the big flower market a short train ride away. This week, I bought ginger flowers, which have white blooms on very long stems, also red salvia and the fluffy filler again, cream coloured  this week. The length of the ginger flowers looks better in my huge vase. I remember that the flowers are meant to be taller than the vase they are in, so that the blooms dominate and not the container. I'm gettng there! Every week it looks a bit better but I'll not be competing with Jane Packer just yet.
Tonight the poetry club is at a different venue as one of our members is having a book launch so I'll go along to support him.He'll be doing all the reading, no need for any participation tonight.

Tomorrow I am meeting my friend Lesley for coffee then on Friday I'll get a mani and pedi before  Les and I go on our touristy dinner cruise.
On Saturday, we are going out to dinner with Lesley and her husband and before you know it we'll have passed another ex pat week in Hong Kong.
Incidentally, I have also squeezed in the mundane matters; housework, laundry, shopping, cooking and ironing. It's not all fun and games, you know!

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