Wednesday, August 8, 2012

More calamities

Since yesterday's post, the following things have happened: the bedroom a/c was making a dreadful noise, so the maintenance team had to be called. All they did was adjust the setting, so we're not convinced, but at least it has stopped rattling, albeit momentarily. Next, the microwave, which conked out and was "repaired" in April, failed again when I was reheating some food. So I tried to reheat on the stove, where I had cooked it only an hour previously. The stove refused to light, gas coming out but no ignition. I guess the maintenance team will be back pretty soon. The food was a delicious vegetable curry to fit in with the doctor's recommendaton of 2 meat free nights a week. Much to Les dismay, it was still hot enought to eat without the reheat! He'd have been delighted had I had to abandon it and go out to dinner, to let him eat meat.
Better news; Les managed to get the Singapore hotel and flights booked. It wasn't easy, there are travel agencies around for a reason. However, he succeeded and we fly to Singapore for 5 days on 30th September. As a bonus, his hotel loyalty points got us a free trishaw ride round the city. We will be such tourists!
This morning, I was up early as Les got up to take a conference call at 7.00am. So much for sick leave, he lasted all of 3 days back here in HK before work beckoned. We did our exercises and now I am about to go out to meet some friends for coffee and catch up. It looks like a hot one today!

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