Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tourists at home

We had a lovely meaty dinner at our favourite Aussie restaurant on Thursday with the guys from Les office. One is from Singapore, so I picked his brains about what to see and do when we get there in October.
Since Les is still off work, we've been tourists in our own (adopted) home city. On Friday, we went to Stanley, wandered round the market, had a nice lunch and sat in the sun for a while. Very relaxing and restful day. On Saturday, we did virtually nothing, just shopping and went into some bookshops for a browse then off to our local pub for a teatime pint.Later we skyped Janie and Peter and saw their newly finished ensuite, it is lovely.
Today (Sunday) we skyped Martin in the morning then took 2 ferries to Lamma for a seafood lunch, very pleasant. The big temperature gauge at the harbour said 30. We had a spot of rain just as we boarded the ferry but by the time we got back to Central it was sunny so we sat on a bench like proper tourists for a while, watching all the ferries coming in from the various outlying islands.
We have just finished the evening exercise programme, I actually enjoy it, I started to encourage Les and keep him company, now I really look forward to it. We have gone from 50 reps of each unit to 95, in about the same time, so we are getting better!When my NIA class resumes in September, I'll be fairly skipping round the hall.
Tomorrow I am meeting some friends for coffee and will make arrangements to go and see Brave, which has just opened here. Les is still off, so we will try another couple of tourist trips this week. I need to keep my hand in for future guests! I had a wee hint this week I might have some at Easter next year! Fingers crossed.

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