Saturday, August 25, 2012

This week I have been mostly...

This week I've been working on my topic for my Chinese arts study group. I did a bit of work, submitted my first choice...and it was rejected, someone else had already chosen the subject.Back to the library, then.
I've been reading Sea of Poppies for one book group and Death comes to Pemberley for another. I've joined a third book group, this one's a spiritual literacy book group, sounds like my old philosophy class, looking good.We haven't met yet, but I've ordered a couple of the titles from the booklist.

I LOVED the Mah Jong session, I even bought a book about it on the way home. I'm going again on Tuesday, this time for real, not a lesson. I can't imagine why it took me so long to get around to trying it. I think it could be quite addictive. Next thing I'll be geting my own table and set of tiles. Though nowadays they are plastic and have a sparkly back and are kept in a metal or plastic case, ivory being illegal and all that.

I went up to Shenzhen with two friends the other day, they were having dresses made. First of all we visited the seamstress, who listened to their requirements then made a rough sketch of the basic design. Next she measured every aspect of their bodies; apart from the obvious waist, bust, hips and length, she measured tops of arms, elbow to wrist, bust to waist. Then she made a more detailed sketch, asking questions about jacket length, sleeve length and making suggestions as to the best neckline, width of shoulder straps. Every tiny detail was discussed.Next we went wih her to the fabric market where  she whizzed through to her preferred suppliers and in no time at all the girls had selected silk for dresses, contrast silk for jacket, cuffs and piping, cotton for day dresses. We went back to the seamstresses  and she toted it all up...roughly, each girl paid a total of about £100. For that, one  got: 2 silk dresses, a jacket and a wrap and the other  got a silk dress and wrap and two day dresses.All made to measure and will be ready to collect next Thursday. So I'm going back next week with ideas...Whilst there,I bought  two pairs of linen trousers with a nice Chinese knot detail on the leg.The return train fare was the most expensive part of the outing for me and that was only because we travelled first class!
On Friday, Les was off so we went for a wander round Aberdeen. It has a fish market but there the resemblance to my old Uni town ends.We wandered in and out of the market, with fish, meat, eggs and veg on sale as well as towels, shoes, wood, tiles and bathroom fittings. I bought a really comfy pair of sandals, not a  big name brand, just what locals buy. They are great, no sore feet...yet.

Saturday was the usual round of supermarket shopping, then we went to the flower market where I spent the princely sum of £8 and got 3 huge bunches of  flowers: red gerberas, white ranunculas and some fluffy yellow thingy to fill it out. Looks good, but in this heat, it won't last more than a few days.

Tomorrow, we are meeting with a crowd for Sunday lunch, there will be 15 of us altogether, should be good fun. Les is working 3 days again next week, off Monday and Friday,so we are in no hurry to get home after lunch.

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