Saturday, August 18, 2012

Past present future

When I was a wee girl, I remember my Gran had a fancy chest, with ornate doors and tiny velvet lined drawers with beautiful carved tiles inside. Many years later I discovered that they were Mah Jong tiles and my Gran had been a Mah Jong champion, in Paisley, of all places! So far as I know, she had no Oriental influences at all, I also don't recall ever hearing about Mah Jong in Paisley, or anywhere else, until I came to live in HongKong. Here, it is a national pastime and everyone I know plays. So now I've decided to try it. I'm having my first lesson on Wednesday after lunch with friends.

Yesterday we went to an exhibition in Kowloon Heritage Centre in Kowloon Park. It told of the history and development of Tsim Sha Tsui and had fabulous tableaux of Kowloon all made in Lego. The Star Ferry teminal, Kowloon clock tower, Peninsula Hotel and all the other buildings perfectly rendered in Lego. Piece de resistance for us was seeing our building, The Masterpiece, towering over all the others.If you've been here, you'll know which is our apartment, if not, it is the tall white building, about a third of the way down, just under the higher, thin dark area.


Today (Sunday) we are going to Sai Kung for a walk along the prom and a look at all the dogs out for their promenade with coats all brushed and ears and tails dyed neon pink. Yes, really! It's fascinating to watch, especially to see the doggie restaurants with special little high chairs for the dogs, right up at the table.We don't eat there though!

Tomorrow Les is off, so we are going to see Brave, after my morning coffee meeting for chat and catch up.Tuesday it is the monthly Kowloon Coffee meeting, always fun and on Thursday I am going up to Shenzhen for shopping with Katrina and Lynn. One friend is having something made, so I might think about getting a dress copied, although at present I still have I think three, no wait, four dresses from UK I haven't had on yet.
So I'm busy every day up to Friday, when Les will be off again. He's doing well, going into work three days next week, Tuesday Wednesday Thursday.

This computer is steadily becoming obsolete, first all the cable troubes, now the battery is not charging, also the keys are sometimes unresponsive, so I miss out letters, that is, I type them but they don't appear. It's all very frustrating, so I am looking at replacing it. Trouble is, with what? I am leaning towards an iPad, but then I worry about using that for writing, also the display is so small. Then I looked at various notebooks and ultrabooks. I need something more portable than this thing, as we do travel a lot, but as I write a lot  I need a keyboard, hard drive and a big display for skype. Any opinions would be most welcome!

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