Tuesday, July 5, 2011

About books

My "Super Pass for Book Lovers" for the Hong Kong Book Fair 20-27 July
I've joined the library!

I'm going to be immersed in books! I've taken out an "access all areas" pass for the upcoming Hong Kong Book Fair and as well as just going along to look, read, buy and author-spot as I do in Edinburgh every year, I've registered for two sessions, one with poet Wendy Cope and the other with a fabulous panel including David Starkey, A.A. Gill and Tom Parker-Bowles(?) Not sure how literary he is, but I'll tell you after the event.

I joined the Hong Kong Public Library Service and came back with a bagful of books about China and Hong Kong. Since I don't have my personal librarians to renew my loans out here, (thanks Ann and Jean), I'll need to remember to take them back on time. I've put a reminder on my new phone, but I'll probably just wonder why it's beeping at me in two weeks time.

Remember ages ago I gave you my predictions for the Orange Prize? Well, guess what, I'm rubbish at predicting winners! Tiger's wife won, I've read it and it was very good even though I didn't think it would win. The other contenders are now doing the rounds of the summer lists, so we'll see how they do.

The weather has been hot hot hot and, for a change, no rain and few clouds so it feels less humid. It's one thing being in the heat if you are on holiday and just sitting around, but when you need to be out and about doing things, shopping, etc, it is draining. Goodness knows how those poor souls who need to go to work are coping. Heh Heh!Les is managing fine, he doesn't really need to be outside to get to and from work as he can access the train from the apartment's basement level and is met by a minibus at the Chinese end, same on the way home. We did go down to the pool for half an hour last night and then after dinner went for a walk to get some air when it cooled down a little.

Jen has a working computer at last so we got to see Callum last night, no sound from their end, but we conquered that by phoning them at the same time. Thank goodness for technology. I've also skyped Martin and Renee and Janie and Peter this week, so if you haven't downloaded VOIP (Skype is free), do it now and drop me an email or fb message and you too can converse with us and see us ( and us you) in glorious technicolour.

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