Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday already?

Tuesday morning I had my first 2 hour Cantonese lesson. I can now count to 20 (and therefore to any number) tell the time and know the words for dollar, me, he/she and they, prawns, fish, rain (very similar but it's all in the tone) crab and vegetables. So at least we'll have a varied diet and I can talk about the weather. As it is either raining or has been raining ( I know both these) I am sorted. No word yet for sun but that doesn't matter in July as there isn't much. Relief...I DON'T have to write anything,unlike poor Les who had his first Mandarin lesson on Wednesday and does have to do the writing/reading. Well anyway that's 2 hours down...just another...98 to go.
This week's outings included a trip back to the second hand furniture store with two friends, a return visit to the Chi Lin Nunnery (in the rain this time) and two visits to the Hong Kong Book Fair, of which more later.

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