Monday, July 18, 2011

Another week, another pot of coffee

Friday's coffee morning also lasted well past lunchtime! Four of us went to the island to be shown a fab supermarket ( ok, I know that doesn't sound exciting, but it was full of interesting foodstuffs from all over the world) Lunch was at a members club on the roof at the pool and the hostess generously bought us all a glass of wine. The weekend started early! Luckily Les was very late home so I was able to eat dinner as it was so late! We went to a newly opened restaurant for their opening deal which comprised oysters, lobster bisque, lamb chops and fresh fruit. It was very good value.On Saturday morning we went over to the island to try out a street market. We bought fruit, veg and fresh herbs.The evening BBQ was wonderful, although it was a bit wet. It's not just in Scotland you can't plan an outdoor event, then! On Sunday we were looking out of the window and we spotted some colourful umbrellas in the open space near the art museum. We hoped it might be something interesting, but alas it was only some photography booths. Instead, we walked to the Star Ferry Terminal and looked for the preserved graffiti by the acclaimed "King of Kowloon" Tsang Tsou Choi (pronounced a bit like John Joe Choy). He proclaimed he was the emperor of Kowloon and that the government was cheating him out of his birthright, so for fifty years he went around writing protest graffiti all over Kowloon. At first the authorities deemed him a nuisance and painted over his graffiti, but he soon had a cult following in the art world and his work has been used on CD covers, T-shirt slogans etc. By the time of his death in 2007, he had had exhibitions all over the world and was even featured in a TV ad for a cleaner, shown wiping away grafitti!

We lazed by the pool in the afternoon, a much needed rest for both of us. Les of course has been hard at work whilst I have been hard at play! Honestly, it is very exhausting fitting in all these social events!

Here's a pic of the graffiti

Today(Monday) I was treated to a very posh afternoon tea in the Mandarin Oriental hotel and also received a bottle of champagne! It was a thankyou from Elaine and Martin for allowing them the use of our holiday apartment whilst they were in Scotland for Gillian's wedding.Nice one!


  1. Hi Joyce, you seem to be having as many coffee and lunch outings as me!! Everyone has been so good lately, I have been out almost every day!! Today Sus and I are going 'mystery shopping' for the National Trust. Hope we don't spend more than we earn!!
    Last week I went to Glasgow to buy a dress for Julie's wedding. The day was tiring, but fun, even if all I bought were the train tickets and lunch!! Eventually got a dress back in Falkirk, it is long and loose and hides a multitude of sins, thank goodness. Hope to be able to send you some photographs of the wedding but my technological skills are not a patch on yours. I am going to a friend of Kathy's for my first ever fake tan tonight. If it all goes wrong Gordon will be going solo.
    Saw Callum and Jen yesterday. Jen is looking well and Callum is still an absolute delight, so bright and happy. Finishing up now with a big thank you for your kind thoughts and wishes, you know how much they mean to us. Look after yourself. Love Jean xx

  2. If the tan goes wrong, well, l'orange is a good look for summer, mais non? After a week in Eyemouth you'll be weatherbeaten anyway! Have fun and don't forget the pics xx