Thursday, July 14, 2011

Weekend almost here again

Although it says Thursday at the top of the post, it is actually Friday morning here.It's been a really quick week for some reason. I went to the first coffee morning on Wednesday which resulted in a plan to have an outing next Wednesday morning. A group of us are going to the Chi Lin Nunnery. I know, I've already been, but it will be fun to go again with a group of women, even it it's just to say,"Oh, look at the colours, isn't that beautiful" etc. Thursday's coffee morning went on to include lunch and resulted a BBQ invite for us for Saturday evening, should be fun. Today I am about to venture forth in torrential rain to the third coffee morning, who knows what it will bring!
Wednesday evening's poetry group was fun, none of my usual friends was there but the group is starting to get to know me and I spoke to loads of people between readings; it's nice to go in someplace and people say, "Hello, Joyce". I read Seamus Heaney's "Death of a naturalist", a bit of a risk in a group that includes a professor with one of his THREE degrees being in Anglo-Irish literature. Funny reading that back..."The Three Degrees... and I've not ever heard him sing! Unlike last week where two people sang songs, but that's a different story. Anyway, the reason I read that poem was because the week before, he'd said Liz Lochhead's "Revelation" reminded him of it and although it also looks at rite of passage and male coarseness, I don't think it has the same undertones of male aggression or domestic violence. Discuss.Comments welcome.
By the way, I want to state here that I BOUGHT and PAID for the Kindle downloads of the two full length books of poetry, I don't want anyone to think I am abusing copyright or cheating poets out of their hard earned crust! Especially as next week I'm going to see Wendy Cope who is legendary for her robust opposition to poetry for free on the internet and has instructed her agents to remove forthwith anything of hers that appears for free. Good for her!

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