Saturday, July 30, 2011

August is almost here

I can't believe it is August already! Time really does fly when one is enjoying oneself. Since my last post, I've been co-opted onto a committee, hosted a "girls night in", visited the Museum of History, Jade Market and Botanical Gardens and had a lovely afternoon over at Tung Chung with Elaine and wee Hannah, who is geting bigger every time we meet. She is not so shy around me now, even letting me read to her and play "this little piggy". And she happily ate all the blueberries off my cheesecake. I've been back to the library and borrowed among others a book of short stories by Chinese author Eileen Chang. They are told in traditional style but with a modern (ish) slant, written I think in the fifties or sixties whilst she was exiled in the US. The have lovely titles, like "Jasmine Tea" and "Aloeswood Incense" and are set in Hong Kong or Shanghai.Now we are going out for a walk;madness in this heat, but Les sees very little of our surroundings so I'm going to take him on a local tour.

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