Wednesday, August 10, 2011

China Tee Club

Since 1932, this HongKong Institution has been a central meeting and eating place for all sorts of people. It is a members only club and yesterday I was privileged to be invited there for lunch. It has fabulous tiling on floors and walls, period light fittings, potted palm trees, marble tables and overhead fans. It is truly magnificent and I am so glad I got to vist...because at the end of September it is closing down. The historic building in which it is located has been bought over and is to re-open as... Abercrombie and Fitch, of grungy tee shirt fame. What a travesty! No-one seems to know what the future holds. The other businesses in the building will probably relocate elsewhere, but how do you recreate such period authenticity elsewhere? I think it's impossible, any other location will simply be a pastiche. A real shame.


  1. I'm going to boycott that frat boy-wear over priced t-shirt company! That is a shame. Did they serve Tetleys?

  2. Mainly Jasmine, Green, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, but if you asked, I bet they'd get you Tetleys. You still got that maroon T with the gold A&C logo?