Monday, August 1, 2011

Tai O trip Part 1

This quaint fishing village is built on stilts. It's called The Venice of Hong Kong" and I visited there today with Elaine and Hannah. It takes a while to get there, I took 2 trains to meet Elaine and then we took a half hour ferry ride through waters famous for sightings of Chinese white dolphins, though we weren't in luck today.
Some years back, the villagers were given the option to be relocated to government flats; most declined and instead opted for their dwellings to be upgraded. Most of them have aluminium cladding and metal window frames now, as well as electricity for the TV and ubiquitous air con units. Other than that, I guess their lifestyle isn't much different from their ancestors, who, despite being fisherfolk, had a dislike of the water so built their homes on stilts and made their living from fishing then selling the dried results of the catch.

The hills in the background reminded me vaguely of Scotland; except it's sunny here!

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