Monday, August 1, 2011

Tai O trip Part 2

This interesting poster was on the wall behind a dried fish stall
A dried shark skin
Fish being air dried
Statues of Gods on the Temple roof
Air dried fish fillets


  1. Hi Joyce. Gordon and I are back home again feeling great after our few days away. We ate fish and chips on Sunday; bought Lough's bread and pies on Monday; dined in Oblo on Tuesday. We bought a couple of newspapers and even managed the crosswords, well almost!! Our other pursuits included a harbour walk each evening; lunch and a stroll around Berwick; a trip to Flodden Field (with history lesson of course); a run to St. Abbs and Gordon went for a swim at Coldingham. The weather was great and we were able to completely relax. Thanks again.
    Of what committee have you been made a member? I know... a photography group because the images you post here are lovely. I am going to attempt to post some I took too. Take care. Love Jean x x

  2. Oh dear!! didn't manage the photographs, sorry.

  3. Sounds like you had a much needed rest. The committee is organising mock interviews in schools in poor areas.It will be hard work at first; my head was pounding on Tuesday after 2 hrs Cantonese followed by 2 hrs committee. I think I've forgotten what work is all about!My brain is rusting in all this humidity!