Monday, August 15, 2011

USS Ronald Reagan

USS Ronald Reagan arrives in Hong Kong
The USS Ronald Reagan is in town, with a flotilla of smaller vessels. It is a huge aircraft carrier with thousands of personnel on board and they have been away from their base in SanDiego for a long time. On Saturday evening, an American friend hosted a BBQ at her home for a few of the young sailors and we were invited. We met about 18 of them, including five women. They enjoyed a fabulous steak and chicken dinner (and so did we) and we really enjoyed meeting them and hearing a little about their lives at sea and back home. I spent a while chatting with a young woman who lives on Coronado, San Diego where we did a home exchange some years ago. She knows the exact house we exchanged to! It is one of only 2 tiny bungalows left on a street where all the houses now are glass millionnaires palaces, so it's quite distintive. What a small world we live in.


  1. Are the people we exchnaged with still there? Are they still alive?

  2. I think I've added a photo now. This blogging stuff is hard work, you need a degree in IT to work oot the data

  3. Thought you were a monkey but now I see its a bear of some sort. I think they will be deid by now.