Sunday, May 15, 2011

First day at work

I peeled a dragon fruit for breakfast, a spectacular brilliant red fruit with kind of soft spikes all over. Once you get inside though, it is quite uneventful, grey mush full of tiny black seeds and it tastes of absolutely nothing!

The New Boy has just departed for his first day at work. I'm about to start my first day as a Househunter.The weekend was very misty, we couldn't see across the harbour to the island at all. We went down to Tsim Sha Tsui (pronounced chim sha choy) to walk along the Avenue of the Stars and we saw Bruce Lee's star, it's just like Hollywood. We noticed loads and loads of fishing boats all moving very very slowly up and down the harbour. Today's newspaper (we get a comp one every morning) tells us it was a protest against a government ban on trawler fishing Just like Eyemouth! Fishermen everywhere are unhappy with government imposed quotas. The difference is the Hong Kong fleet is 3,900. I doubt there are that many boats in the whole of the UK! I think the Eyemouth fleet is about 50.
We skyped the family over the weekend, great to see Callum.He seemed to think it OK to see us on the computer and not in the flesh. He's so used to seeing Janie and Martin on there, it is natural for him, a true digital native.
The coffee machine in the flat is fabulous, I've redicovered my liking for The Bean and even went to a specialist shop yesterday to buy more supplies. You get to sit down, they present the range and then let you taste a couple to make your mind up, then once you've decided, they pour you a cup of your choice to enjoy whilst they prepare your order. Service or what!!
On my to do list today: find a nail bar and a dentist. I seem to be shedding body prostheses all over the place. I jammed my fingers in a cupboard door and three of my very expensive gel nails fell off. Then I had some chocolate from the fridge and out popped my bridge. I look like a country yokel with stubby fingers and a gap toothed smile. Still, nobody knows me here!

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