Monday, May 16, 2011

Tempis fugit

The mist has lifted a little,, so here are a few views from the apartment, looking out beyond the harbour and across to the island.

Didn't do much on my to do list for yesterday! At 9.45am, I had just arrived in one of the areas we are considering for permanent housing when Les txt to ask me to bring my passport to his office. So, 2 trains back home, picked up passport took a taxi ride to his office. Passport duly delivered and it was 12.10. Had a quick lunch in the shopping mall under his office and was in a shop when he sent another txt asking me to come back to the office to sign a form. By the time I found the office again, they were all preparing to go out to a fancy restaurant for a welcome lunch, so I was asked too. I made a dent in it, despite having already eaten! Then the admin lady said it would have been useful to have your old passport too, the one with the Chinese visa in it. So...another taxi ride, then up to the 69th floor to our storage locker, got the old passport then another two trains to take it back, followed by another two home. By then it was 4.50pm and I was exhausted. Don't forget, this was all in temperatures in 30s with humidity of 85%

So now Les is away to China and I am about to embark on the househunting and nail bar hunting again...unless something else happens!


  1. Hi Joyce, with all that exercise no wonder you needed two lunches. I tried to respond to yesterday's blog but I think it just disappeared, again. In case it didn't I wont regurgitate too much just so say the photographs today are much easier to look at than yesterday's - I felt queasy, you must be really brave to actually stand by the window!!
    Hope Les has a successful trip to China and that you are equally successful in finding a nail bar, dentist and of course a permanent home.
    Susannne and I are enjoying our invigilating and have managed to match the correct exam script to their corresponding envelopes - I know this because I double check each one!! We are having a day out on Wednesday with lunch at the Harbour Cafe by Loch Venacher. The temperature will not be in the 30s but the view will be lovely - if it is not too misty!!
    Take care of yourself. Love Jean x

  2. Hi, Jean, yes it looks like yesterdays comment didn't appear, only the one from before I came out But today's is here, so that's good! Glad the invigilating is going well, have you had to confiscate any phones yet? Tell Susanne to get blogging and thank you both and Charlaine too for becoming followers!