Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Took some pics of the apartment : kitchen, small but has everything we need; living room; office, where I am right now. The bedroom and livingroom both have big flat screen TVs and there is a tiny TV built into a bathroom mirror.
Yesterday I spent a lot of time exploring in the area where we hope to live. It's much busier and more "real" than where we are currently. All the gardens here are beautiful...but too manicured. All the shops are lovely...but expensive.Even the name of this complex sounds like something out of a futuristic movie: "The Megalopolis" and with all the fingers of buildings stretching up to the sky, it's not unlike where Superman came from!
Anyway, I had lunch in a Singaporean cafe on Knutsford Steps,touristy, but comfortable feeling: I ordered nasi goreng, which comprised fried rice with chicken and shrimp topped with a fried egg, a side salad of pickles, tomato and cucumber, 2 chicken satay sticks, a huge thick prawn cracker and a serving of peanuts, nesting in which was a wee, tiny, whole, dried and fried fishy!Accompanying this was a bowl of chicken soup with large chunks of carrot and large chunks of an unidentified slippery whitish/clearish vegetable which tasted of...nothing, but was edible; the veg thing, I mean, the rest was delicious! Washed down with a mug of lemon tea, all for less than £5.
In the afternoon, 2 different people asked for directions...and I was able to help them! The first asked if I was English but I just said yes and didn't argue...she wanted a museum I'd just spotted round the corner. Easy! The second was in a station, two girls looking for Wan Chai, they were well lost, it's on the island and we were in Kowloon, but I got out my trusty MTR map and sorted them out too!
No luck with the dentist as we don't have our health insurance cards yet but I bought stuff and removed the remaining talons myself!Now all I need is a manicure...


  1. Hi Joyce, the apartment looks lovely, very modern! How many channels on your numerous screens are you able to understand? Although with house hunting and furnishing; sightseeing and dining out; photography and tourist information, how will you find the time to watch TV?
    I liked the sound of your lunch, how many were you feeding?
    It did not surprise me in the least to hear you had been able to assist some tourists. It must be the librarian aura that indicates, "Just ask, if I don't know I can certainly find out!
    Susanne did write in the Blog but like the one I attempted the other day, it did not 'post'. I have discovered what I did wrong - did not select the 'Preview' button first!!
    Have you seen Lorraine's 'facebook' entries for her birthday? We had a lovely time, I put on my 'nothing-wrong-with-me-face' and danced until 11 30 whereupon I deflated like a punctured balloon and we had to come home. But hey, better to have a short time really enjoying yourself than longer but frustrated.
    Hope you are not lonely with Les being away. Look after yourself. Love Jean x

  2. Hi Mrs impressed with all your news. Have a good weekend.