Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Literary pursuits and excercise

I haven't said much lately about what I am reading. On the Kindle I'm reading some memoirs about a Hong Kong childhood, Evanescent isles, by Xu Xi and in paperback I'm reading Zoe Heller's Everything you know. Never did get to read the whole Orange shorlist, I managed 3 and read the Kindle sample downloads for the rest. So here in order is how I liked them: No 1 (Winner)Grace Williams says it loud.2 Annabel. 3 Great House. 4 Tigers wife. 5 Room. 6 Memory of love. The 3 I didn't finish were: Grace Williams says it loud, Annabel and Memory of love.I think GWSIL should win because it tackles difficult matter in an interesting way; it is written from the perspective of a disabled girl limited in her world who gets the chance to vicariously experience an environment beyond what her personal circumstances would permit. If it wins, I'll buy it!
On another literary front, I'm going to a poetry reading tomorrow evening, drinks on a roof garden first, so hopefully I'll get to meet a few more people. Oh, and I read the South China Morning Post every day, it keeps me up to date with which food manufacturers have been fined for adding illegal additives to supermarket foodstuffs. Mmm.Mind you, Les heard screaming in the supermarket in Shenzhen the other day and as a big rat ran past him, he aimed a kick at it, knocked it sideways into a box and stunned it momentarily before it ran off again.So I guess he won't be buying his sandwiches from there anymore! What's a few additives in comparison to that!
I haven't yet joined any zumba or water aerobics classes but the other morning at 7.00am a movement in the square 61 floors below caught my eye. I had a squint through the binoculars and watched about 10 ladies all doing their morning Tai Chi. It looked so elegant. I made a cuppa, went back to bed with the paper and when I got up again at 8.00am they were all still at it. A good hours worth of workout there, and for free, maybe I should take it up.With all the walking I'm doing and all the stairs I'm trudging up, you'd think I'd be a skelf by now... but it just makes me hungry!

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