Friday, May 27, 2011

House hunting success?

I met with the 2 agents to view 4 apartments on Thursday... and selected we need to wait to see if the landlord will accept the offer to rent. I've asked for a few things to be added before we move in, such as built in wardrobes, blackout blinds, a dishwasher, wall mounted TV, landline phone, light fittings. I think that's all. I am taking advice from the agents when asking for all this, not being picky! It's on the 38th floor of a block nearer the hustle and bustle of the city, with stunning harbour views, much better than at present where we have that enormous tower in front of us. It has open plan living/dining, small kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and in addition has a study, a "maids room" and toilet with shower ( for the maid). It is brand new, never been lived in.So anyway there is plenty of room for visitors. Who will be first?
On Friday I took a bus trip over to Ap Lei Chau, a small island across the harbour from Aberdeen. I spent the morning wandering along the waterfront, lovely to be by the sea and see all the fishing boats, small ferries, sampans and junks. In the afternoon, I went to look at furniture in a huge 28 story mall... and met someone I knew! It was the first time this has happened! I heard, "Fancy meeting you here!" and turned round to see one of the agents, with another client! I looked at designer shops full of sofas, beds, tables, chairs till I was confused, then took the bus all the way back and rounded off with a price comparison visit to good old Ikea. Then I treated myself to dinner at our "local" where I was recognised and welcomed by the staff like a long lost friend. It was lovely, made me feel a bit more at home here.
Today I need to go grocery shopping, I'll be trundling my trusty shopping trolley out to get supplies, so much easier than hauling it in a bag. Shopping trollies are very trendy here, not just for pensioners I'll have you know.
Tomorrow I'm meeting a friend to go out to one of the islands for the day and on Monday I'm meeting another friend for coffee. 2 friends already, what a socialite I am becoming! Poor Les is still in China,but he hopes to get back in a week or two.


  1. OK lots of people are saying they cannot see their posts so I'm trying this to see. If it works I'll come back and tell you what I did!

  2. Right heres what I did: I went to Post a comment and wrote in the space. I selected google account where it said comment as. I pressed preview. Sometimes it asks me to type a funny word, tonight not, presumably cos I'm posting to my own blog. Then I pressed post comment,... et voila!

  3. Hi Joyce, trying this for the fourth time - no one can say I am a quiter!!
    So glad you enjoyed your visit to China last weekend. Your culinary adventures are certainly cosmopolitan. Hope Les is finding his feet in his new job as well as you seem to be.
    How is your hunt for a dentist and beautician progressing or have they been superceded by house and furniture?
    My Hong Kong fund is growing, but slowly, so I will not be your first visitor, however, I am determined to be one of them.
    On Thursday I was invigilating the Higher Chemistry exam. It was for a student who required a reader/scribe and because of extra time allocated the exam lasted 3h 08min instead of 2h 30min. I was reduced to hurting myself by digging my nails into my palms and nipping my arms to keep awake!! I had not realised before that chemistry is a language with a smattering of English interspersed. Silver lining though - I have a money making plan to augment my pension: A CD of chemistry speak as a cure for insomnia:) (I do hope Charlaine is too busy this weekend to view the extra comments on your blog. That is if I can successfully post this!!)
    Take care of yourself. Love Jean x x

  4. Jean,Loved your Chemistry languge comment. Maybe it's like Cantonese? They are near each other in the alphabet...but wait, thats in OUR alphabet, both probably miles apart in Chemistry goes Helium Lithium Berylium...